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America First – Germany second!

I love satire! Satire is something I really learnt to love in Tobago. I now live for more than 15 years in the Caribbean and thought that Tobago would become second behind America. But I have to realize: Germany becomes second in front of Tobago!

Germany is a great country – really great! All these famous walls and castles. We are the reigning football-world-campions. We hosted two football-world-cups. And we won both of them. And we hosted two world wars – and guess what? We won them as well! Bad people who deny these facts are liars and tell fake news!

Germany has a rich history of great leaders. Our greatest is simply called The Leader! He kept his promises. He made Germany great again! Really great! Steve Bannon loves him.

Germans are very organized and efficient. We can organize the best football-events in the world, we have the best trains, we build the best cars, we have the best Autobahns, on which you can drive as fast as you want. And we deal with minorities. We murdered 6 million Jews and other minorities in a very efficient way. No other nation has ever done something similar. This makes Germany unique – very unique.

We have the best beers. Germany is known for the Octoberfest. Many cities in many countries of the world now have their own Octoberfest. Germany leads. Germany is a great nation – very great!

But yes, we have to agree: America is the greatest nation that ever existed on earth. America First! But can´t we just say: Germany second?


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